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Daisy Class Page

Welcome to Daisy Class :) 
At the moment our class is taught by Mrs Powell as Mrs Griffin is away on maternity leave. Mrs Morse and Sian support us with our learning. Miss Taylor covers our PPA time on a Tuesday afternoon.
We have a whole class P.E. lesson on Tuesday afternoon and on Wednesday afternoon either Year 1 or Year 2 go to forest school with Mrs Morse. The remaining year group will have another P.E. session. 
Term 3
Safer Internet Day
This year the focus for safer internet day was #freetobeme. This means we all need to learn how to be ourselves online but in a safe way. One way of doing this is my creating an avatar. With an avatar we are able to create ourselves and include all the things we enjoy meaning we do not need to post actual pictures.
In Daisy we read about Digiduck who was sent an unkind photo of a friend. He had to work out whether he should send the photo onto his friends or if he should tell an adult. We decided that it was not kind to send photos without the permission of the people in the photo. We need to be kind to each other when online just like we are when playing in the playground. 
Can you work out who is who in our class avatar photo? 
Term 3 - What happens to St Briavels in the Winter?
We have made rain gauges and placed them in the garden. Each day  we are going to collect measurements to see how much rain we have in a week.
Term 2 - Who were the great explorers?
We have investigated the journeys of Christopher Columbus and Ernest Shackleton. We looked at photographs for clues and plotted their journeys on a world map. We discovered that Christopher Columbus set out for China but instead discovered the South America and Ernest Shackleton journeyed to the South Pole twice but didn't make it to the centre as he got stuck in the ice!
Year 2 children from both Daisy and Poppy class were really lucky to take part in a climbing session. They travelled by mini bus to the climbing wall. The children didn't stop climbing for the whole session and thoroughly enjoyed this new challenge! Lots of children climbed to the top of the wall and others decided to hang upside down. They all enjoyed hiding a cork on the wall for their friends to find!
We have really enjoyed our P.E. sessions with Mr English. Last term we focussed on hockey and before that we looked at rugby and football. Here are a few photos from our P.E. sessions.
Term 1 - What is our hat made of?
This term we have designed and made our own hats... they had to be waterproof,  they needed a peak to keep out the sun and they needed to stay on our heads. We think they look fantastic!