What is Spirituality?  

Spirituality is personal to each of us. It differs from person to person and often changes within people during their lifetime. A person can be spiritual without having a particular faith or religion.  


We define spirituality at the Wye Forest Federation as: 

A connection with something: that brings about a sense of awe and wonder; that links us to all that is special in our world; causes us to pause and reflect or ask big questions that we may never find the answer to. This connection enables us to be present in the now and stays with us in the future, sometimes changing us because of what we have experienced 


Spiritual Development 

We approach spirituality in our federation as an opportunity to nurture children's love of the world and help them to connect with their own beliefs, values, and purpose in life. 

We seek to foster a sense of awe and wonder, an understanding of reflection and peace, opportunities to ask big questions and recognise all that is special in our world.  


We reflect on our spiritual development through 4 key areas: 

Awe and Wonder 

Reflection and Peace 

Big Questions   

All that is Special in our World 

Through these we believe we are all enabled to grow, flourish and succeed in our diverse and ever-changing world.