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Speedwell Class Page

Welcome to Speedwell, where every day the marvellous Speedwellies delve deep into their learning and have lots of fun along the way. 
We are a mixed class of Year 4 and 5. Our class teacher is Mrs Keeling-Paglia. Mrs Kilty and Miss Taylor teach us RE and computing.
Term 3
Safer Internet Day
This year the focus for safer internet day was #freetobeme. This means we all need to learn how to be ourselves online but in a safe way. One way of doing this is my creating an avatar. With an avatar we are able to create ourselves and include all the things we enjoy meaning we do not need to post actual pictures.

In Speedwell we recapped the SMART way of being safe online and then drew ourselves as avatars. We could remember from the Autumn term that SMART means: Safe- not giving out personal details, Meeting- not meeting anyone online without adults knowing; Accepting- only accept people you truly know online; Reliable- not trusting everything we read online; Tell- tell an adult if you are unsure. 
Can you work out who is who from our class avatar photo? 
We are an inquisitive bunch and we like to ask lots of questions. These questions may become the key enquiry for our learning: we've explored what makes our school special and safe and everyone contributed to the welcome display outside our classroom. As geographers, we've explored the question, 'why did people make a settlement in St Briavels?'and used maps to help us understand. We made biomes in bottles to understand the water cycle in a microclimate. We know we were really successful in creating biomes because after 5 weeks, they are still growing strong!
To find out how where the Romans came from and how their invasions affected Britain, we've learned about Romulus and Remus and made catapults, modifying our designs to make the missiles travel further.
These are just some of the learning adventures we enjoy. Take a look at the gallery to see us in action...
Reading for pleasure...
On Monday the 20th of January 2020, Speedwell had a morning of experiencing a "Reading Cafe".
Encouraging children to read for pleasure is a very important part of the ethos in school. We pride ourselves in creating lifelong learners: our approach to reading encourages our children to develop a love of reading as a life skill and pleasure. 
The aim of our "Reading Cafe" was to provide a fun opportunity for all our learners to be immersed in the pleasure of reading and to  "taste" a wide collection of carefully selected texts,  from different cultures, and including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, adventure, mystery and many more. 
The children all enjoyed a "5-course meal" of tasting different genres of age-appropriate texts whilst developing comprehension skills in a relaxed and informal setting. We hope to foster and nurture a love of reading for life in our children.