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Welcome to Foxglove class!
Welcome to our class page where you can find out about our amazing learning journey this academic year. You will find information about the activities we have been doing, examples of our work and comments from us. Please do visit often to see our learning journey develop. 
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Term One
What can be found in the Forest of Dean?
This term we’re going to be zooming in on our locality - the Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley. We started by focussing on the River Wye which meanders through the Wye Valley, learning about the formation of a river as well as the physical and human features you’ll find around a river. 

To tune in to the enquiry, we collaborated to make our own model river in the school playground. Here’s our handy work:

Our first enquiry
We've returned from lockdown and the summer holidays raring to go in Foxglove and have dived straight into our learning, putting the text 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers at the heart of our enquiry. This simple text carries powerful meaning and we have been discussing a range of topics, such as: our role as global citizens, the power of activism and who we consider to be an icon. 
Natural World Portraits
As part of our transition back into school, this week we thought about how useful the world around us was and attempted to create self-portraits using the natural resources available to us. We showed our own creativity and artistic flare to create some wonderful portraits. 
Our Gallery of Greatness
As we came towards the end of the text, we considered how we are ‘never alone here on Earth’ and who in our world has had a significant impact on us as people. After conducting research into pioneering inventors, activists, explorers and innovators we decided to create our ‘Gallery of Greatness’, inducing those individuals we felt have inspired and influenced us. We created portraits of these special people, can you work out who we inducted?
Our COVID-19 Guidelines and Podcast
We finished our first enquiry reflecting on the impact lockdown and COVID-19 has had on our lives and on our learning. Using technology, we worked in small groups to create guidelines for other children and parents/carers as well as a podcast reflecting on lockdown. Here are some examples: